Terms and Conditions

Connect Accounts

You can choose to use your Connect Account to pay for products and services from Hutt City Libraries. These products and services include access and use of Connect computers, payment of library fines and charges.

Your Connect Account contains value (money) that is added by you if you wish to pay for these products and services using your Connect Account. Value can be added to your account via a kiosk installed at Hutt City libraries or by accessing your Connect Account online by using your library card number and password.

Your library card is not a credit card and it cannot be used to get cash or cash advances from your Connect Account.

You cannot exchange value in your Connect Account for cash or cash advances.

If your Connect Account balance cannot be accessed because the system is off-line, you remain responsible for the payment of any purchases you made while the account balance was inaccessible.

Library Charges and Fines

Value deposited in your Connect Account will not automatically be deducted to pay library charges and fines associated with the library card. You must make these payments by signing in to your Connect Account and making the payment transaction yourself.

Procedures for Lost, Stolen, or Replacement Cards
Notify Hutt City Libraries if your library card is lost or stolen, or if there has been unauthorised usage of your Connect Account. You must also suspend use of your Connect Account by locking it on the Connect Account website. You are responsible for all usage of the card and account prior to proper notification to Hutt City Libraries and locking your account online.

If your library card is replaced, Hutt City Libraries will transfer the value in your Connect Account from your old library card to your new one.

Closing your Connect Account
If you resign your membership from Hutt City Libraries, your Connect Account will be closed and any balance will be refunded to you.
Refunds on accounts will be made at the full value of the unused balance.

Keeping Track of your Balance
You can request a receipt at the time of purchase if the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt.

You can check the balance in your Connect Account at a kiosk installed at Hutt City Libraries or by accessing the Connect Account website.